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The solar and wind turbine electricity: be autonomous in energy

Conforthermic, based in Bernay in the Eure (27), installs solar photovoltaic panels, and wind turbines all across the Normandie.

The sun and the wind, two inexhaustible solutions!

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The photovoltaic solar electricity

The solar photovoltaic converts the solar energy in electricity thanks to solar panels generally installed on the roof. The solar electricity is extremely profitable, the expense is guaranteed for 10 years.

The solar electricity advantages

  • You produce your own electricity
  • You can sell all your electricity production, or a part of it, to EDF
  • The solar photovoltaic is ecological, it does not create greenhouse gas and preserves the natural resources
  • The solar energy is 100% renewable
  • The solar panel is inexhaustible and reusable. The photovoltaic installations are very trustworthy (for 30 years) and requires little maintenance

Your tax benefits

  • 11% Sustainable Development tax credit 2013
  • Produce to 1 200€ of electricity guaranteed for 20 years
  • For a park of 3 kWc up to 7 tons of CO2 saved

The wind turbine electricity

The wind turbine uses the wind energy and transforms it in electricity.

The wind turbine electricity advantages

The wind turbine is designed to work for 120 000 hours for a lifespan of 20 years. The power of a wind turbine varies according to the product, from 100 watts to 20 kilowatts. The materials and size vary consequently.

You can link the wind turbine directly to your house network: the production will be immediately used. It is also possible to stock it in batteries in order to avid the loss of produced electricity.

Your tax benefits

  • 32% Sustainable Development tax credit 2013
  • Produce up to 50% of your electricity consumption
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Our works


For more than 20 years, more than 3800 customers have been equipped, more than 98% of them are satisfied (telephone survey conducted in early 2013 with the Conforthermic customers).

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We work in all the Haute Normandie, from the Havre to Mantes and Caen, Alençon or Lisieux

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