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Choose a heat pump for the thermal renovation of your accomodation near Pont-Audemer

Conforhtermic, based in Bernay in the Eure (27) helps you to improve your home energy-saving specification. Your accommodation has been built before 2000 and more specifically before 1990 (date of the 1st thermal regulation)?

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Why a thermal renovation?

The energy renovation is a priority for more than 80% of the current accommodations. It allows you to:

  • Realise money savings and reduce your bill (you can expect to divide it by 3 to 7), by combining all the profit possibilities
  • Improve your comfort for the whole year (Summer as well as Winter)
  • Improve the energy label of your housing to increase its value.
  • Add value to your real property. A recent study from the ADEME (Energy control and environment agency) shows that a well done energy retrofit allows an upgrading of more than 30%.
  • Give to your house an “upgrade”, make it more beautiful with a more current look.

Preserve our planet by lessening the greenhouse gas emissions. It is better for us and the future generations.

How to save money for real?

The energy audit

Conforthermic comes to your home to run a thermal diagnosis. We analyse your housing, verify your consumption and identify the possible improvements to decrease it. We proceed with a heat loss control with a thermal camera.

How to choose my heating system: the heat pump

Heat pumps are currently the most economical and ecological heating systems on the market. Why? The answer is simple: Nature. These heating systems are based on the functioning of the available energies in natural resources like the earth, the air and the Sun. They are inexhaustible and free, that is why we call them Renewable Energies.

How to choose for your house?


Are you heated with fuel or natural gas?
Our solution: the air-to-water heat pump.


Are you heated with electricity?

Our solution: the air heat pump.


Do you have a water source in your property (in a well, phreatic table, river)?

Our solution: the aquathermal heat pump.


Do you prefer the most profitable system on the market?

Our solution: the geothermal heat pump.


The price for a heat pump will change according to the size of your housing, between 5 000 and 25 000€. The investment will be rapidly profitable because it allows you to save up to 60% on your heating bill.

How to choose my heating system: the energy self-sufficiency

You want to produce your own energy?
Our solution: the solar and wind turbine electricity.

The solar and wind turbine energy production mode has very little impact on the environment. They are consistent with sustainable and responsible solutions.

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We work in all the Normandie, in the Eure (27), Calvados (14) and Seine Maritime (76) departments, from Rouen to Le Havre, Caen, Evreux and to Mantes (78), Dreux (28) and Alençon (61).