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The external thermal insulation in Evreux, le Neubourg, Brionne, Verneuil, Pont-Audemer in the Eure (27)

Conforthermic, based in Bernay in the 27, installs your housing external thermal insulation.

Why a thermal insulation of the external walls ?

valorisation de l'habitat

It is a treating façade process which allows:

  • An optimised energy yield: the external thermal insulation (ETI) answers to the 2012 Thermal Regulation demands. It allows to limit the energy losses because of the thermal bridges by discontinuity of the inside surfaces) and to reduce the energy bill.
  • Renovated and better protected facades: the ETI associates a perfect insulation to a protection against the bad weather and pollution inconvenient (cracks, saltpetre, infiltration…).
  • An improved interior inertia: you are protected from the winter cold, from the outdoor summer heat.
  • Sound insulation: the noise level between the outside and the inside is reduced.
  • A preserved living area: your indoor surface s not modified and you can stay at home during the works.
  • Habitat improvement: you insulate and make your house more beautiful

The methods

Two methods are possible according to your will to keep or not the aesthetic appearance and your house current look.

Thin plaster applied on lagging

It is an elaborated method which needs a perfect application. Polystyrene plates, after dunnage, are stick to the wall by special cement and reinforced by a mechanical fixation. The coating will be chose according to the color and type of the chosen plaster.

Wall insulation under cladding

The lagging, usually composed of 12 cm width stone wool, is fixed against a bearing wall. Between the lagging panels, we fix the wooden framework on which is fixed the outdoor coating (slate, stone, wood or composite components)

Apart from the wooden cladding, there are several cladding types in synthetic materials, which does not need maintenance across the time.

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Tax benefits

  • 15 or 23% 2013 Sustainable Development tax credits (for a bunch of work)
  • 20 to 25% heating saving
  • Product eligible to the zero-interest loan
  • Shortening of 20 to 25% of CO2 emissions
  • Product allowing a bunch of work

Our works


Conforthermic possesses all the certifications and skills to conduct your external thermal insulation, contact us !
We work in all the Haute Normandie: Caen, Evreux, Lisieux, Le Havre, Alençon

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