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Solar and thermodynamic water heater

Conforthermic, situé à Bernay dans l’Eure (27), installe et dépanne vos chauffe-eau thermodynamique et solaire.

Conforthermic, based in Bernay in the Eure (27), installs and repair your solar and thermodynamic water heaters.

To produce domestic hot water economically and ecologically? It is possible!

Thanks to a solar or thermodynamic water heater.

Chauffeau thermodynamique Aeromax

The thermodynamic water heater

The thermodynamic water heater is a mini heat pump designed to produce domestic hot water. Its fabrication is similar to a 200 or 300L balloon in capacity, sat on top of a low power heat pump.

Generally installed in a storage room (garage, cellar, boiler room), it draws calories in the air of it. The place has to have a minimum surface of 6m². Some templates allow to couple thermodynamic water boiler with a mechanical ventilation system and recollect all the calories in the tainted air.

The advantages

The thermodynamic water heater permits an excellent profitability, namely 75% saved on your hot water consumption bill.

  • 26 or 34% Sustainable Development tax credit (for a bunch of work), 2013
  • Divide by 3 your domestic hot water bill
  • Product enabling a bunch of work

The solar water heater

The solar water heater is made of a certified solar thermal captor: Solar Keymark or CSTbat and a 2001 electro-solar balloon. This one is primary alimented by the solar panel put on southern side of the roof, or on a right oriented support.

The advantages

Easily coupled with a heat pump, the solar water heater allows you to benefit from the Sustainable Development zero-interest loan.

  • 32 or 40% Sustainable development tax credits (for a bunch of work), 2013
  • Divide by 3 your domestic hot water bill
  • Product eligible to the PTZ (Zero-interest loan)
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Our works


You live in Rouen, Caen, Evreux, Dreux or Mantes, contact us !

We have all the qualifications required to obtain all the possible financial aids.

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