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Ventilation and air conditioning for your comfort from Evreux to Bernay

The controlled ventilation is a group of devices designed to assure the controlled air replacement inside the rooms, especially for the damp rooms like the bathroom, toilets, kitchen…

Conforthermic, in Bernay in the Eure (27), proposes the installation of an adapted controlled ventilation to your housing and needs.

Ventilation Hygroréglable - Bernay

To fight the moisture, the ventilation

Bad ventilation is the first cause of moisture in the house. It creates an excessive hygrometry which encourages condensation appearance, mould and saltpetre.One of the most important consequences of a damp house, apart from the health problems and allergies, is the appearance of the merule, a mushroom which attacks the wood, destroying beams, floors, frames…

A sound house is a well ventilated house. Which ventilation to choose?

Single flow controlled ventilation

The single flow controlled ventilation works constantly. The outside air penetrates naturally by the air entrances places in the “living-rooms” (bedrooms, living room), then it is rejected in extract units placed in the damp rooms. These extract units are linked to a small engine.

We identify:

SF self-regulating: single flow (only the extraction), obligatory in all residential buildings since 1985.

Hydra-A: single flow (only the extraction) with hydrometrical management for the extract units, allows more than 7% savings.

Hygro-B: single flow (only the extraction) with hydrometrical management for the extract units and fresh air inlet, allows more than 8% savings.

conforthermic VMC simple flux
conforthermic VMC double flux

Dual flow controlled ventilation

The outside air enters by a unique entrance on the roof, and then it is rejected in the extract units placed in damp rooms. The dual flow controlled ventilation has an additional option: the fresh air introduced in the house can be heated.

DF = dual flow (extraction and insufflation, with or without heat recovery). This system also brings a better acoustic comfort and an anti-bacterial protection thanks to an effective filtration, allowing more than 13% savings.

Your tax benefits

  • 8 to 13% of heating savings according to the chosen device
  • 8 to 13% of CO2 emission shortening

Reversible air conditioner

Usable throughout the year to refresh or heat, the noise level is extremely low for high performances and an optimum comfort.

The wall-mounted air-conditioner, how does it work?


The wall-mounted air-conditioner is the most accessible device for a domestic use. Small, it fits easily in your home and does not require specific works. It also ensures the heating thanks to its reversible system. A wall-mounted is an air-conditioning system which is, as it says, fixed to the wall of your house.
When the temperature level is excessive and disturbs your house wellness, the air-conditioner transforms the hot air in fresh air by a system similar to a refrigerator: the heat from the hot air is captured by a cooling circuit and expulsed outside the house.
In other words, your air-conditioner works with 2 separated units: one inside and the other outside of your housing. At Atlantic, we call it the “mono-split”.
The wall-mounted does not only influence the air temperature, it also dehumidifies and purifies it thanks to its filtration system. The wall-mounted air-conditioners equipped with a “plasma air” filter assure a more efficient purification and considerably reduce bacteria, pollen and other impurities.
An infrared control included with all our products enables you to set with great precision the desired temperature for the entire day, as well as to adjust the air diffusion.

Our works


The controlled ventilation assures an optimal life comfort when it is associated to an adapted insulation. Think to insulate your attic and/or your basement. We work in the 14 – 27 – 76 – 78 – 28 – 61 departments.

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