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More than 3 800 customers in 20 years!

Our clients are our best ambassadors because more than half of them heard of us thanks to word of mouth. The survey conducted in 2013 proves that 98% of our customers are satisfied and that their consumptions are totally faithful to our forecast.

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travaux installation et réparation chaudière

Type of work: a heat pump installation to back-up a boiler

Congratulations for your seriousness. Your maintenance service is perfect and responds promptly. Concerning my consumption, I divided by 3 my fuel bill and my comfort improved greatly.

Mr and Ms L. in Elbeuf

Type of work: external insulation

I do not regret these works which represents an important investment, on the contrary. Our house is much sounder and now pleasant to live in.

Mr and Ms A. in Louviers

travaux rénovation isolation extérieur
installation panneaux solaire

Type of work: 3kWc photovoltaic installation

Thanks you to your fitting team. We haven’t been bothered by the works and they cleanly worked. On top of that, your production forecast is correct.

Mr and Ms R. in Serquigny

Type of work: double flow controlled ventilation with heat recuperator

We live near a busy road. Since this equipment, the noise is over. What a relief!

Mr and Ms J. in Lisieux

conforthermic iinstallation VMC combles

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