Conforthermic, specialist in energy retrofitting

About 20 years ago, Patrick Champagne and Dominique Lemire created the company Conforthermic. Our goal is to reduce energy consumption and improve existing electric heating systems which are energy-consuming and underperforming.
Since 2013, the company is based in Bernay, in the French department of Eure (27), near the roundabout on the Route de Pont-Audemer. This way, we’re closer to you and we can present you all our solutions to reduce your energy consumption.
Feel free to come over and visit us !

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Conforthermic, an innovative company

Today, our company counts 14 people and has kept its family dimension. We adapted ourselves to the new economical constraints (long-term rise of the energy price) while keeping our energy consumption reducing goal and improve your comfort.

Our offer covers all the features of the housing energy improvement. We move to your home to conduct a free thermal audit in order to optimize your housing according to your way of life.

Among our proposed solutions:

  • Heating systems and domestic hot water production whose annual coefficient of performance is 4 (4 kWh used = 1 kWh consumed)
  • External wall insulation
  • Attic, ground and basement insulation
  • Single or dual flow ventilation

By combining all these solutions, we can divide by 6, even by 7, your current housing consumption.


Conforthermic, an RGE Qualibat qualified company

We acquired all the certifications to allow you to benefit from all the financial aids from the state:
Sustainable Development tax credit (CIDD), Ecological bonus (CEE), zero-interest loan (PTZ), Anah bonus, etc…